Boris Eldagsen


Promptography, AI
30 x 24 cm
11.8 x 9.4 in
Edition 2 of 10 (thereof 1 offered)
4.650,00 € excl. VAT & shipping
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The artwork FLASHBACK is part of the series PSEUDOMNESIA by Boris Eldagsen. It is a promptography created using AI generators. 

The series explores the concept of pseudomnesia, which refers to the creation of false memories or fake recollections of events that never actually occurred, as opposed to simply having inaccurate memories. Eldagsen employs deep-learning AI generators to generate the images. Drawing inspiration from the imagery of the 1940s, the artist produces these images as fabricated memories of a nonexistent past that were never captured by any photographer. 

The creation process involves utilizing language and revising the generated images by AI algorithms approximately 20 to 40 times. Various techniques such as "inpainting," "outpainting," and "prompt whispering" are employed to refine and shape the final result.