Anne Spalter

Vortex of Values

Charcoal on paper
49 x 69 cm
19.29 x 27.17 inches
950,00 € excl. VAT & shipping
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VORTEX OF VALUES by Anne Spalter explores layers of value creation, intertwining the tangible and the abstract in a charcoal drawing where diligent foxes engage in diamond mining, symbolizing the enduring allure of material wealth. This image is set against a complex geometric swirling sky design, evoking the abstract and ethereal dimensions of value, often shaped by the power of human imagination and interpretation.

Dominating the scene, a large tornado looms, serving as a metaphorical vortex of economic forces and the unpredictable nature of financial markets. This element introduces an aspect of the tangible world, emphasizing the role of economics and capitalism in our modern value systems. 

VORTEX OF VALUES seamlessly integrates the inspirations of artificial intelligence-generated composition with the craftsmanship of hand-drawn charcoal. It underscores the dynamic interplay between technology and traditional artistic expression, reflecting our evolving perceptions of value in the digital age.