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Anna Carreras is a generative artist and creative coder, focusing her work on the use of algorithms to create visuals that foster memories or evoke new ones.

She codes her work from scratch to create images that cannot be achieved in any other medium. She is interested in the complexity, surprise, and meaning that emerge from small, simple behaviors playing with systems. She fosters diversity and explores the balance between order and chaos in which nature and daily life seem to be suspended. Carreras draws inspiration from her Mediterranean culture and landscape to translate it into abstract visuals, vivid digital images, static or dynamic, geometric or organic.

She has released NFTs on Feral File, Art Blocks, and CVerso. She has also developed and exhibited generative art and digital installations in renowned national and international institutions, museums and festivals like MUTEK ES+AR, Sónar Festival, Eufònic Urbà Decentraland, Venice Art Biennale, Medialab Prado Madrid and Abandon Normal Devices Liverpool, among others.

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