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Bård Ionson (born 1969) is an American artist who engages with computer, electronic, and physical objects such as code, artificial intelligence, electronics, and the blockchain. He frequently transitions the output across various technologies.

In his work, Bård delves into the distortions that arise from translating sensory information between the physical and digital realms, symbolizing the discord rapid technological advancements introduce in culture and society. Through his art, he examines how humans adapt and evolve in response to technology. He often integrates his own science fiction narratives into his artwork, drawing inspiration from the results of his AI models.

Bård's artwork has been showcased globally, including at prestigious venues such as the Bodleian Library in Oxford, the Bull Run Library in Manassas, as well as in Dubai, Paris, New York, Denver, San Francisco, Lisbon, London, Barcelona, and in decentralized spaces within the blockchain community.

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