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Betha Sarasin (1930–2016) was a Swiss artist whose oeuvre was extremely diverse. In addition to informal and concrete paintings, figurative and concrete drawings, sculptures, church windows, trompe-l'œil drawings, and polemical objects, it also includes unusually early spray paintings and, from 1978, computer-aided works.

The starting point for many of her works is the cube, which she has manipulated and expanded in a variety of ways, from the "biangle" to the animated three-dimensional cube spiral. She made the latter sound with electronic-experimental music, which, according to Berlin art historian Frederik Schikowski, has also turned one of her books into a postmodern multimedia object.

Works by Sarasin have been exhibited in cities such as Basel, Frankfurt am Main, London, Milan, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Venice, and Zurich. And they can be found in collections such as the Museum of Modern Art New York (Design), the Museum of Modern Art Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Museum of Modern Art in Eilat, the Veste Coburg, the Aargauer Kunsthaus, and the ZKM Karlsruhe.

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