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Chiara Passa is an Italian visual artist living and working in Rome. Since 1997, Passa’s artistic research has analyzed differences in virtual spaces through a variety of techniques, technologies and devices such as animations, Internet artworks, interactive and site-specific video installations and VR video sculptures. Passa uses these technologies as an artistic medium to explore architecture as an interface and is interested in how space is transformed by the language of informatics.

Passa’s work has been exhibited internationally since 1999. She holds an M.F.A. from the Fine Arts Academy in Rome.

Solo Exhibitions:

Lively Sculptures, Virginia Bianchi Gallery, 2022
Still Life, Zabludowicz Collection London, 2021
Object Oriented Space, MLAC Museum Rome, 2019
From Live Architecture: Dimensioning, Furtherfield Gallery, London, 2016

Selected Group Exhibitions:

MADATAC XI, Bienal Virtual de Arte de los Nuevos Medios Digitales, Madrid, 2020
Oslo Night Show, House of Electronic Arts Museum, Basel, 2018
InSonic, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Museum, Karlsrhue, 2017
Morphos, Vortex Dome Los Angeles, Curated by Ethan Bach, 2014
AppArtAward, ZKM Center for Art and Medium Museum, Karlsruhe, 2011
Festival A10 Medialab, London, 2008

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