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Daria Rastunina (born 1990) is a Russian multidisciplinary artist. She is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia working with generative methods in art, such as artificial intelligence, through a combination of traditional painting techniques and digital methods.

Rastunina often works with topics that she experiences on her own, with topics that raise the question of a person's appearance, their role and their relationship with the world. Her works draw inspiration from modern life experience, as well as the influence of technology on it. In Rastunina's art, a person is placed in a space between two worlds, nature and technology, with which he is inextricably linked, sometimes being the center connecting them, and sometimes a hostage trapped in his own being.

Daria Rastunina has exhibited in Russia, in the cities of Moscow, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Palekh, as well as in China, London, Indonesia.

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