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Dev Harlan is a New York-based artist working in sculpture, installation, and digital media. His practice explores a range of themes, including landscape, anthropogenic change, and technological consumption. In his work, he uses technology to question itself and the narrative that human societies and technology are somehow separate from the natural world, asking instead, how are they entangled and embedded within each other?

Dev Harlan has exhibited in the US and internationally and has permanent commissions with corporate and private collectors. Dev is a 2020 NYFA Fellowship Finalist in Digital Media Arts and winner of the 2022 Mozaik Artist Grant. Solo exhibitions include those at Christopher Henry Gallery (NY) and Gallery Madison Park (NY). Group shows include NOOR at the Sharjah Art Museum, the New Museum’s IDEAS CITY NY, and the Singapore Light Art Festival. Dev has been an artist in residence at the Frank Lloyd Wright School Of Architecture and the SVA Sculpture and New Media Residency.

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