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Ira Greenberg has an eclectic background combining art and computer science. Well known for having written the first book on the Processing programming language, Processing: Creative Coding and Computational Art (Berkeley, CA: friends of ED, 2007), Greenberg has led the way for the present and future of creative computing and AI art.

Greenberg holds a B.F.A. from Cornell University and a M.F.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.

Currently, Greenberg is Director of the Center for Creative Computation and Professor at SMU, with a joint appointment in the Meadows School of the Arts and the Lyle School of Engineering.

Previously, he was Associate Professor at Miami University (Ohio), where he held a joint appointment within the School of Fine Arts and Interactive Media Studies program and was an affiliate member of the Department of Computer Science and Systems Analysis.

He has steadily exhibited his work, consulted within the industry, and lectured widely throughout his career.

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