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Ivona Tau, PhD, is a generative A.I. artist from Vilnius, Lithuania, who works with neural networks and code as a tool in experimental photography and motion painting. Her goal is to find and evoke emotions through artificially intelligent tools. She creates universally relatable memories by transforming her experiences captured on analog and digital film through generative neural networks (GAN).

Tau is active in the research community and holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. She published multiple scientific papers in the field of Computer Vision and Artificial Neural Networks.

Tau comes from the intersection of arts and technology, with 15 years of combined experience in professional photography and A.I. research. She was awarded the best award in the Digital Ars 2020 contest for art created with AI, the Computer Animation category award in Computer Space International Computer Art Forum 2021, and elected as one of the TOP 10 Women in AI 2022 by the Women in Tech Foundation.

Tau’s work has been exhibited widely, including Sotheby’s New York, Duran Arte y Subastas, Fauves Paris, Pandolfini Florence, The House of Fine Art, Art Week Shenzhen, Vellum, CAFA, Ars Electronica Garden, Museum of Applied Art in Frankfurt am Main, Bright Moments Berlin, Art Basel Miami Beach, SCOPE Art Fair and many more.

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