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Kalen Iwamoto is a conceptual writer and artist exploring the intersection of art and language on the blockchain. She is a Japanese-Canadian based in France.

Kalen’s work takes text and technology as its point of departure and focuses on playfulness, exploration, and experimentation to push the boundaries of conceptual writing and art and the NFT medium. Always faithful to the concepts that drive her pieces, Kalen uses various forms and media, such as microautofiction, new media poetry, metaversal art installations, sculptures, paintings, or blockchain publishing, to create new reading and writing experiences.

She often works with artist Julien Silvano in their Wen New art and language atelier, where they produce physical and digital work that explores the liminal spaces between genres, forms, media, languages, and other predefined fields of expression.

She is the founder of the crypto writers discord and co-founder of theVERSEverse, a literary gallery where poems are works of art.

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