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Leander Herzog (b. 1984) is a visual artist based in Switzerland, creating images with code since 2006. His focus is generative and interactive abstraction on the web. Currently he combines his experience from building websites and digital products with generative art and the new potential NFTs present. Herzog’s practice explores visual maximalism enabled by contemporary computer graphics and the widespread availability of networked screens as well as minimalist abstraction based on web technology standards. He plays with the contrast between the simplicity of algorithmic systems and the complexity of their emergent properties.

In the last decade, his work evolved from static images to moving visuals and realtime experiences on the web, including generative audio, interactive installations, data driven sculpture and digital fabrication. Titles and aesthetics of his works often reference the history of painting as well as the artist's own past experience with graffiti writing.

Twitter: @lennyjpg
Instagram: @leander.herzog