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Lisa Orth is an American artist based on the West Coast, known for her work in the fields of generative art, graphic design, and tattooing. While leveraging her traditional art and design background into the new digital art space, her abstract generative work explores the intersection of art and technology, utilizing themes of colliding textures, movement and color.

Her work has been included in exhibitions at Art Basel Paris +, NFT Show Europe, Seattle NFT Museum, Seattle Art Fair, and Tannhäuser Generative Art Museum, among others.

A creative polymath, Orth began her artistic path in Seattle as a graphic designer and art director. In the late 80s, she was working for such luminary cultural institutions as Sub Pop Records, COCA (the Center on Contemporary Art), and the much revered local music magazine The Rocket.

It was as the first official Art Director for Sub Pop that she designed Nirvana’s first records and their now iconic logo.

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