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Mia Forrest is a multidisciplinary artist located in the Northern Rivers, Australia where she lives with her partner and three children, on the edges of Nightcap National Park. She holds a Bachelor of Music from the Queensland Conservatorium, and Masters in Film from Griffith Film School.

Her practice is a testament to her reverence for nature as muse, with her work deeply rooted in the natural world. Mia uses digital tools, generative processes (both computer and analog), and biodata to create artworks in various media, including digital, dry media, and textiles.

Her process often utilizes biodata sources to re-emerge as data visualization and/or materialization, in service of evoking new meaningful approaches to how one might observe, process, and feel the natural world, particularly of pertinence as we enter the digital-age.

In her emerging years as an artist, Mia Forrest’s work has been exhibited through Sothebys, Unit London, Vellum LA, Tweed Regional Gallery (Australia), and participated at international art fairs including West Bund Art Fair (China) courtesy of Art Pharmacy, and Art Basel (USA) courtesy of National Geographic and TIME magazine.

Her works have been recognized by the Arab Bank Switzerland Digital Art Prize (finalist, 2024), Wollumbin Art Award at the Tweed Regional Gallery (Emerging Artist Award Recipient, 2022), Yarilla Arts and Museum STILL: National still Life Award (finalist, 2023) and the York Botanic Art Prize (finalist, 2023).

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