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Niceaunties is a surreal world created by a designer and AI artist based in Singapore. Inspired by the women in her family and the absurdity of auntie culture, Niceaunties explores the themes of ageing, beauty, personal freedom, and everyday life using the mediums of generative and digital art. Her perspective on the endearing and sometimes absurd behavior of aunties showcases the auntie culture that is prevalent in Asian communities. Niceaunties empowers women by imagining an alternate reality where aunties can pursue their passions freely. Niceaunties' art is influenced by surrealism, fantasy, and Kawaii culture.

Niceaunties' art has been showcased in various cities globally, including New York City, Tallinn, Berlin, Seoul, Middelburg, and at the 2023 PhotoVogue event in Milan. As a Fellowship artist, her AI video works are presented on Fellowship's project. Her involvement in the art community extends to contributing a piece to Christie's CREATING CONNECTIONS charity auction. Niceaunties' AI video art has been featured in Forbes.

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