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Olivier Bodini, a distinguished professor of computer science, currently holds a professorial position at Sorbonne Paris Nord University. Since 2020, he has been leading a digital art team situated at the MSN (Maison des Sciences Numériques), an innovative center located at the core of the university. Under his guidance, the team is engaged in the MunstrA project, which seeks to establish connections between mathematics, computer science, and digital art.

Bodini specializes in tiling theory and the random generation of combinatorial structures. He holds a Ph.D. in pure mathematics focusing on the combinatorial and algebraic aspects of tessellations, along with a habilitation to direct research in computer science with a specialization in Boltzmann generators. These generators utilize mathematical principles to replicate the behavior of intricate systems.

Due to his globally recognized scientific proficiency (awarded a prize by the Académie des Sciences in 2013 for his contributions), Bodini has been crafting advanced algorithms tailored for artistic expression since 2020. His artistic endeavors draw inspiration from particle dynamics, random generation, and tessellation. Bodini specializes in crafting algorithms for visually representing mathematical entities and datasets.

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