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Paul Prudence is an artist interested in the aesthetic possibilities of process and constraint, both in the digital and physical domains. Since 2005, his generative A-V work has been exhibited and performed at digital arts festivals worldwide, including Mutek, Sonar, and Ars Electronica, and in galleries such as the Hayward in London.

Recently, Prudence has enjoyed exploring the possibility of using (and misusing) mechanical typewriters as generative plotting machines. His recent publication, YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW AN ALGORITHM UNTIL YOU HAVE TYPED IT, received international recognition.

Prudence is also a writer. His commissioned essays have been featured in Reliquiae, Substance, and Holo. He is a regular contributor to Neural Magazine, reporting on aspects of electronic culture and the digital arts. In 2022, Paul published his first full-length title, FIGURED STONES. The book was described as "a masterpiece of natural philosophy and a vital contribution to the emerging field of vibrant materialism".

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