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Pierre Pauze, a French artist and filmmaker based in Paris, operates in the fields of contemporary art, cinema, and digital media. His focus is on exploring how new technologies shape representation, systems, and resulting mythologies. He regularly collaborates with scientists, actors in the techno-economic sphere, and practitioners of various traditional customs or Neo-cults. He conceives the space of these collaborations and research as a medium in itself, which he transforms through multimedia installations, films, and performances. His narratives blend science fiction, belief systems, and popular and internet culture.

Pauze has won several Art prizes (Artagon, Agnes B, ADAGP revelation digital art and video, and the Salon de Montrouge). His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions and biennales around the world, such as at the Centre Pompidou, Art Basel Paris+, Chaillot National Theatre of Dance, Monnaie de Paris, the Es Baluard Museum in Mallorca, the K Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul, and the Macau Museum of Art in China.

Pauze's films have been shown at festivals and on television in France and abroad. He realized the film and installation project MASS with the artist June Balthazard, which has been shown in several biennials, including the 12th Taipei Biennale, the Beijing Digital Art Biennale, and the Chengdu Biennale in China. The work was recently presented at Luma Arles, at the Centre Pompidou in Metz, and will be shown at Nouveau Printemps in Toulouse in 2024.

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