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Sasha Katz (b. 1984) is a visual artist living and working in Athens, Greece. She studied Illustration at the British Higher School of Arts and Design. Since her graduation in 2012, she has been working with 3D. Since 2016, she has been teaching 3D software classes online and serving as a guest lecturer.

Katz's artistic journey revolves around the exploration of female sensuality and body poetry. Her work challenges and redefines conventional beauty standards, celebrating diversity and the unconventional. In her 3D heroines, Katz is searching for the essence of digital tenderness and fragility, harnessing these elements as expressions of her profound admiration for women.

Her work has been shown internationally at galleries and museums such as Pan American Art Projects, pal project, Francisco Carolinum Linz, Decentral Art Pavilion, Nox Gallery, Galerie Charpentier, Artcrush Gallery, Mad Arts, and IHAM Gallery, amongst others.

Her work has been featured in Kunstforum , It's Nice That, I-D, Juxtapoz, and Vogue Italia.

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