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Scott Kildall has been working with art, technology, and education for over 15 years. He focuses on transforming data from the natural environment, such as water quality, air quality, and plant data, into sound installations, sculptures, and video works. He uses custom electronics to create generative, data-driven experiences with uncertain outcomes.

His artwork has been exhibited internationally at venues including the New York Hall of Science, the Transmediale, the Venice Biennale, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and the San Jose Museum of Art. For the last several years, he has worked on developing field installations ranging from the jungles of Panama to the sand dunes of Abu Dhabi to the desert area near the Salton Sea, CA, often deploying work in remote locations with limited resources.

He has received fellowships, awards, and residencies from the SETI Institute, Impakt Works, Autodesk, Recology San Francisco, Eyebeam Art + Technology Centre, and more. Kildall currently resides in San Francisco, where he runs a residency program from his home called Xenoform Labs that hosts international new media artists.

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