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"We now live in a world in which both history and facts are personal choices. The arrival of Artificial Intelligence means that every lie can now have convincing visual evidence. Now, everything is true, and nothing is true." – Phillip Toledano

ANOTHER AMERICA challenges the notion of truth in photography, blurring the lines between reality and fiction. Set against the backdrop of the 1940s and 1950s—a time when photographic imagery held a unique sense of veracity—the project transports viewers to a parallel universe where historical events take unexpected turns. 

From surreal landscapes to hauntingly realistic scenes, each AI-generated image invites audiences to question their perceptions and reconsider the narratives that shape our understanding of the past. 

Finally, how else to address the idea of uncertainty than with the technology, Artificial Intelligence, that is making the world uncertain?


"The artist politely
 declined The Washington Post’s request to list some of his prompts, saying that they are part of his 'magic spells.' His reservation is further proof that AI is a creative tool." – Washington Post, 17 January 2024

"I think a lot of people have this reflex to say, you know: 'A machine made this. There’s no humanity, there’s no soul in these pictures.' But I would argue there’s extraordinary soul in the pictures that AI makes. I would also argue that it’s kind of ironic because, guess what all the painters were saying about photography when photography became a thing in the 1850s? There was no humanity in it. There was no soul in it because a machine was taking the pictures. So here we are again, saying exactly the same thing." – Phillip Toledano, In: LensCulture