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Sometime in 1988, Victor Acevedo scanned a photograph that he had taken five years earlier, “into a computer” and enhanced and manipulated it in various ways. The work was performed on an IBM AT clone with a Cubicomp frame buffer running a Cubicomp 3D modeler and digital paint software called True Color Paint (TCP). 

The many resulting images became the WIRED COUPLE series. Most of the work was created in 1989. However, now and again Acevedo would revisit some of the images and develop them further in 1990. The initial output was via a digital film recorder directly to 35mm slides. Later in 1991, he got access to an IRIS wide-format digital printer and he began to output a few artist proofs at sizes such as 16”x 20”. The WIRED COUPLE images can be characterized as a hybrid of scanned photography, 3D computer models (polyhedra) and digital painting.