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Carved wood panel
50 x 40 cm
15.75 x 15.75 inches
3.500,00 € excl. VAT & shipping
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WOOD ON WOOD by FAR is a meditation on the materiality of wood.

After completing the INNERFACES series, FAR began to focus more closely on the tools and materials used in manufacturing. Between 2017 and 2019, FAR took a deep dive into the world of digital fabrication, exploring the use of CNCs, 3D printing, scanning, and other digital fabrication tools.

In the works presented at EXPANDED.ART, FAR purchased started with plywood panels, scanned them, and programmed the CNC with a g-code to follow the wood grain. As the wood was carved, it revealed the grain of the underlying layers, creating a visually intriguing composition that, in a way, is as digital as computer-generated images on screens.

In addition to the wood pieces, FAR used the same g-code on acrylic pieces. These acrylic works are displayed side by side with the wood pieces in the exhibition, offering a compelling contrast and extension of the concept.