Sabato Visconti

Hyperblessing 03 Blessed be the Fowl

736 x 566 x 2 px
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“My voice groans and my bones cleave to my skin. I am like a pelican of the wilderness, an owl of the desert.”
- Psalm 102:5-6

Sabato Visconti's ANGELIC HYPERBLESSINGS embraces the blending of the sacred and profane. The series is a collection of devotional web3 gifs inspired by the religious "abuelitacore" WhatsApp media that is a hallmark of every Latinx and Global South family group chat, as well as the automobile magazines of the 1990s, particularly Lowrider Magazine, which documented Lowrider car customization subcultures in the US for over 40 years.

Created in collaboration with Midjourney’s generative image AI and processed with Deluxe Paint IV on an emulated Amiga A1200 computer.

ANGELIC HYPERBLESSINGS, the NFT series by Sabato Visconti, is part of the exhibition RECOLLECTION. AI AND MEMORY presented by EXPANDED.ART in collaboration with The NFT Gallery at their galleries in New York and London, 11 April – 13 May 2023.

19 artists explore the idea of further challenging the concreteness of human memory—personal or collective—through creative collaboration with AI. Memories are nebulous.

Scientific studies and phenomena such as "The Mandela Effect" have shown that humans rarely recall things in their unbiased exactitude. Artificial Intelligence already assists human memory in the form of predictive text and GPS navigation. One would surmise that there exists a role for AI when it comes to supplementing even more complex memory.

Artists: Crashblossom, Ilya Bliznets, Anna Dart, Olga Fedorova, Ross Goodwin, Danielle King, Margaret Murphy, Kika Nicolela, Roope Rainisto, Daria Rastunina, Manuel Rossner, Travis LeRoy Southworth, Anne Spalter, Nathaniel Stern, Sasha Stiles, Stephan Vasement, Nicola Villa, Sabato Visconti, and Erika Weitz.

Contract address: 0xbff84640bf0e554202f1961de12f81a424cb127f
Token Standard: ERC-721
Blockchain: Ethereum
Metadata: Frozen and decentralized