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Sebastian Merk


Fine Art Print
60 x 45 cm
250,00 € excl. VAT & shipping
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30 November – 3 December 2023
6-6 PM CET

"The edition BEAUTY is a vivid expression of what I perceive as true beauty. The dynamic interplay of colors within the composition generates a palpable tension, evoking a sense of excitement and arousal. The deliberate use of contrasting hues contributes to an immersive experience, inviting the viewer to be captivated by the intricate details woven into the canvas.

The infusion of natural elements adds a layer of depth to the piece. The verdant greens and serene blues resonate with the essence of nature, while the warm tones of orange and yellow evoke the mesmerizing hues of a sunset—an enduring wellspring of inspiration in my artistic journey.

Beyond the visual allure, there is a distinctly feminine energy that emanates from the artwork. This subtle yet powerful aspect adds another layer of complexity, inviting contemplation on the interconnectedness of beauty and femininity within the broader context of the piece."

– Sebastian Merk


Each edition comes hand-signed by the artist via a numbered and signed Certificate of Authenticity on the back of the print.

The 72-HOUR EDITION DROP is a concept that allows artists to sell an unlimited amount of physical editions within the limited time frame of 72 hours on EXPANDED.ART. Each 72-HOUR EDITION DROP edition will be available for 72 hours only, then never again.


The editions are numbered randomly, i.e., the edition number is not chronologically assigned to the time of order receipt. All 72-HOUR EDITION DROP prints are made to order. Each artwork will be produced specifically for each client; therefore, the artwork is not eligible for return.

"Colors, contrast, and movement merge to create a world that captivates the viewer. I would describe my work as emotional landscapes. I want to create places that draw the viewer out of the current moment. Memories tend to lose details and develop into vague, blurred assemblages of pictures and emotions, like our dreams. I often try to re-experience moments of the past.

My work shows exactly this phenomenon. An assemblage of feelings and thoughts, with their interrelated dynamics, melts together into a world that you can move in. Often inspired by an emotional memory, a dream, or a paradise I wish to visit."

– Sebastian Merk



Imge Turan Täschner: What inspired you to pursue a career in art?

Sebastian Merk: At a certain juncture in my life, I came to the realization that painting serves as my primary means of expression. This awareness had been with me for quite some time, as I felt that my perspective of the world and its surroundings was distinct, and I yearned for a means to convey it. As I delved into the world of painting, I increasingly sensed that I was unraveling the puzzle of self-expression. Pursuing a career in art became an evident choice, aligning with my inherent needs and desires for exploration. For me, it represents a journey into the depths of my inner self.

ITT: Can you tell us about your artistic process and the materials you prefer? How do you choose and operate these materials to achieve your desired effects?

SM: I mainly work with acrylics, and I don’t use a lot of materials. Basically, some brushes, my hands, and a palette knife. I start with a composition of colors, I create depth and develop the “emotional landscape” through layering of colors, contrasts, and dynamical movement. I create paths on the canvas that you can follow, and you can see the movement of the process.

Everything interacts on the canvas, exactly like in our mind and heart. Feelings and thoughts interact with each other, complement, or fight with each other. I try to get closer to something you normally cannot see—an assemblage of feelings and thoughts like a memory that you can hardly describe. It’s not a picture or a realistic drawing; it’s an abstract painting, an emotional landscape or world. I assemble the colors on the canvas in such a way that the viewer also has the freedom to interpret the painting. With fantasy, you can see animals, faces, people, and objects in my work.

ITT: Which art movements and styles have influenced you? How do these influences manifest in your art, and how do you navigate the interplay between them?

SM: My artistic influences draw from three main movements: Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, and Expressionism. Impressionism resonates with me due to its emphasis on color harmony and portrayal of landscape scenes, mirroring my own perspective of the world. Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism, on the other hand, appeal to me for their energetic approach, meticulous technical work, and the ability to convey profound emotions. In essence, my art is an amalgamation of these movements, reflecting a synthesis of their unique qualities in my creative expression.

ITT: What are the thematic or emotional landscapes you aim to construct within each painting world? What stories or experiences do you seek to convey through your art?

SM: Within each painting, I strive to construct thematic and emotional landscapes, often featuring landscape phenomena like sunsets or the ocean. The process of creating these works is deeply rooted in my emotional perspective, allowing my feelings to guide the construction of the painting. As I engage in the creative process, thoughts naturally surface and seamlessly integrate into the artwork. Occasionally, I incorporate figures that not only reflect but also bolster the overarching concept of the piece. The overall experience often resembles the construction of a dream, where emotions, thoughts, and imagery blend together to form a unique and evocative artistic narrative.

ITT: Are there specific stories or experiences from your own life that have significantly influenced your approach to expressing intense emotion through your art?

SM: The significant influence on my approach to expressing intense emotion through art stems from a more general exploration of various forms of expression in my life. I've experimented with movement, music, and writing, finding that each had its limitations. However, with art, I discovered a unique resonance—it appears to be the sole form of expression that aligns with my expectations. Over time, I've observed a symbiotic growth between my artistic skills and my ability to convey myself emotionally. Art, in this context, has become a fluid and evolving means through which I navigate and articulate the depths of my emotions.

ITT: How do you see the connections and correspondences within your painting worlds, and what kind of experience do you hope viewers have when exploring these connections?

SM: The connections are often visible through the similar color schemes. I hope that viewers can see my work as an internal diary of myself, discover my artworks, and get lost in them. To me, each painting conveys a specific vibe, and often this vibe reappears in other artworks.

ITT: In what ways do you believe social media, particularly platforms like Instagram, influences the promotion and growth of your art?

SM: Social media has been and continues to be a crucial aspect of my artistic journey. It serves as a bridge, providing deeper insights into my creative process and studio. This platform acts as a connecting thread between myself, my art, and collectors. However, despite the significance of online engagement, nothing surpasses the profound experience of attending an exhibition in a gallery and witnessing my work firsthand. The size of my paintings holds particular importance, as the full impact of their scale is best appreciated in person. Art, at its core, is an experiential journey, and the true essence can only be captured by standing in front of it, allowing it to envelop and resonate with the viewer on a personal level.

ITT: Can you share your long-term goals and ambitions as an artist?

SM: Art is a continuous journey for me. I'm eager to explore new mediums like sculptures and installations. In the future, I aim to collaborate with international galleries, travel, and showcase my work in diverse environments.