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Christian Holze

A Still Life of Flowers in a Vase on a Ledge

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Digital art introduces a plethora of new issues, particularly in the area of authorship. In light of worldwide digital networks, the question of how traditional collecting societies should deal with the changing environment arises.

The video loop A STILL LIFE OF FLOWERS IN A VASE ON A LEDGE is based on a floral painting by Rachel Ruysch that was obtained from an art copy manufacturer's data archive. The reference image is chosen at random by a computer and covered with a 3D-generated paint splash. A splash is an inscription gesture in a piece of art that corresponds to the artist's signature.

Christian Holze creates hybrids of several artistic genres in his work, including sculpture, painting, 3D processing, and installation. Exploration and dissolution of these categories, as well as the merging of analog and digital working processes, are equally important to him.

Current technology and luxury goods businesses' marketing methods are as much a part of Holze's artistic archive as their items' purported identity-giving features. Holze's work constantly falls into the role of the product by affirmatively engaging the study questions that arise from this.


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