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Anne Spalter

Desert Diamond

Silk PLA filament
17 cm
6 inches
2.500,00 € excl. VAT & shipping
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DESERT DIAMOND by Anne Spalter is a 3D-printed sculpture that emerges as a fusion of the natural and the fantastical, a vivid embodiment of an imagined utopia. Most prominently, there is a sparkling green cactus, designed with gem-like facets that refract light, mimicking the shimmering allure of precious stones. This cactus, transcending its earthly form, sits majestically atop a bed of cloud-blue gemstones, further blurring the lines between organic life and the opulent treasures of the earth.

The sculpture's journey from a traditional oil painting to a 3D-printed form represents a dialogue between the classic and the contemporary, the tactile and the technological. The original DESERTED DREAMS painting, with its rich textures and nuanced hues, captures the essence of the cactus and the gemstones in a play of light and shadow, depth and dimension. Through the application of Artificial Intelligence, selected painted elements were transformed into a 3D model, showcasing the seamless integration of human artistic vision with the precision and possibilities offered by digital technology.

The choice of a sparkling green filament for the cactus, with its faceted surface, is intentional, symbolizing resilience, growth, and the rare beauty found in nature's creations. The facets, reminiscent of cut jewels, impart a sense of crafted perfection and geometric harmony, highlighting the sculptural qualities of the cactus.

In contrast, the single-color cloud-blue gemstones on which the cactus rests serve as a metaphoric and visual foundation, their serene hue and smooth, polished appearance evoking a sense of calm and stability. They represent the ethereal, dreamlike aspects of nature, and the tranquil expanses of the sky.

DESERT DIAMOND is a narrative about the interplay of reality and fantasy, the organic and the ornate. It invites viewers to explore the concept of value and beauty in nature, reimagined through the lens of artistic interpretation and technological innovation. This sculpture challenges the observer to perceive the natural world in new ways, encouraging a deeper appreciation of the often-overlooked splendor in everyday surroundings.

This piece stands as a testament to the artist's vision of a world where nature's simplicity meets the complexity of human imagination, where the ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary, and where art transcends traditional boundaries to redefine our understanding of beauty and possibility.