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Vikki Bardot

L'avventura #31

AI generation
Edition: 1/1/40
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L’AVVENTURA by Vikki Bardot is an allegorical collection of 40 AI-created artworks that depicts a narrative of lost essence through ethereal landscapes and ghostly female forms on the verge of vanishing from sight. With intertextual references to Antonioni and Tarkovsky films, L’AVVENTURA echoes the void within our spirits, evoking feelings of disorientation in a vast landscape. It mourns the way society has let the essence of femininity and spirituality slip away, like a song once known, now fading and forgotten.

"The woman is lost and forgotten. Spirituality too. In today’s modern world, we have lost the connection with our essence. In my latest work, L’AVVENTURA, I continue to experiment with ambiguity and lack of clarity as a narrational technique. The stylistic form itself is the commentary here. The intentionally out-of-focus style, faded hues, and aged analog film textures serve as a mirror to the vanishing presence of spirituality and femininity. These sacred elements, once central to our identity, now seem distant and out of reach."

– Vikki Bardot