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Ai-Da Robot

Shattered Space: Naokae I Thalassa Doria

Original oil and giclée on canvas, and frame
95 x 95 cm
37.4 x 37.4 in

Ai-Da creates her paintings by capturing images using the camera in her eye. The images are processed by her AI algorithms to become real space coordinates and are then translated into drawings using her robotic arm. Like other artists, from Rembrandt and his workshops during the Dutch Golden Age to Andy Warhol’s Factory in the sixties and Damien Hirst and his dot paintings, Ai-Da collaborates with others to produce her paintings and sculptures. Once Ai-Da has completed the initial design for a painting, assistants then proceed to complete the work by manually applying the paint to the canvas.

Shattered Space: Naokae I Thalassa Doria (2020) by Ai-Da Robot, an abstract painting in hues of oceanic blues and grays, references the environmental impact warmer oceans have upon the planet. These include the loss of fragile habitations as sea levels rise, increased water acidity leading to the destruction of coral reefs, and increased extreme weather events such as hurricanes.