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SouvenirHrz 11

Analog video outputs, JPG
720 x 480 px
72 dpi
Edition of 5 + 1 AP
100,00 €excl. VAT
Payment options: credit card, PayPal, Klarna, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Ethereum, USDC, Polygon & BNB


SOUVENIRHRZ by LoVid is a retro-futuristic collection. It’s a mix of nostalgia with rainbow colored dystopia. The sixteen stills from SOUVENIRHRZ capture moments in the artists’ work flow in the analog video studio. 
Each piece in the SOUVENIRHRZ collection is one frame from a video recording, deinterlaced to reveal a moment that would otherwise not be experienced by viewers. LoVid uses this deinterlacing process frequently. 

"When the currents, the instruments, and the humans are in sync, when signals break to reveal an inherent beauty, when humanity and nature extend to instruments and shape each other.

Since the nature of live video is essentially ephemeral, we have always been interested in preserving or capturing particular moments while maintaining a sense of fluidity. 

We selected these sixteen frames for the retro-futuristic SOUVENIRHRZ collection with a lot of intention. There is improvisation in making the videos and being in the moment, responding to the instruments and to each other. The selection of specific frames is very focused and involves an editing process. 

Collectors get to have a slice of our lived experience, exploring the analogue tools in the studio to create a composition that includes chance and our artistic contribution."

– LoVid

SOUVENIRHRZ is a collection of images taken from video recordings that were made in New York in 2010 at the Institute for Electronic Arts (IEA) at Alfred University using the analogue equipment that is their specialty.

The collection is released on the occasion of LoVid's solo exhibition TANGIBLE TIMELINES on view at EXPANDED.ART. It's their first NFTs on the blockchain Tezos.