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Anne Spalter

Spectral Extractions

4K MP4
2160 × 3840 px
00:16 min
Edition of 1
2.500,00 €excl. VAT
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SPECTRAL EXTRACTIONS by Anne Spalter is a visual odyssey that brings viewers into a realm where the extraordinary and the ethereal converge harmoniously, inviting contemplation of the intricate layers of value creation. 

This NFT composition portrays white foxes amidst a mesmerizing landscape of color-fluctuating gems. These surreal gems serve as symbols of material wealth and the intrinsic allure of the tangible world. A radiant rainbow shines brightly, casting a transformative light upon two kissing foxes, which serve as a central focal point and an emotional anchor within the composition. Their tender embrace and the radiant rainbow shining upon them evoke a sense of unity, connection, and transcendence.

A spaceship powered by a giant diamond emits flames, creating a sense of dynamic energy and transformation. This surreal spacecraft embodies the abstract language of human creativity and innovation, reflecting the principles of contemporary art in its embrace of technology as a conduit of artistic expression.

The creative process behind SPECTRAL EXTRACTIONS involved the use of AI, reflecting the evolving relationship between art and technology in our modern era. This fusion underscores the dynamic synergy between human creativity and artificial intelligence, mirroring the interplay of human agency and technological innovation in shaping our artistic narratives.

Contract address: 0xa8d46721dc271ec9b4954cc3fabe04dcb2da8d2f
Token Standard: ERC-721
Blockchain: Ethereum
Metadata: Frozen and decentralized