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Anne Spalter

Stellar Sojourn

Silk PLA filament
17 cm
6 inches
2.500,00 € excl. VAT & shipping
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STELLAR SOJOURN is a 3D-printed sculpture that encapsulates a surreal coexistence between the natural world and the realm of science fiction. Central to this artwork is an iridescent fox, depicted in a state of tranquil lounging atop a UFO. The fox's shimmering, color-shifting coat symbolizes the mystical and otherworldly, while its relaxed posture suggests a sense of peace and harmony.

The UFO, rendered in a muted gray with striking orange windows, provides a stark, almost industrial contrast to the organic and fluid form of the fox. This juxtaposition not only highlights the visual interplay between color and form but also narrates a story of coexistence between the natural and the artificial, the terrestrial and the extraterrestrial.

This sculpture's journey from concept to reality bridges traditional artistry and contemporary digital technology. Originating from selections of the show’s oil paintings, the elements were processed by Artificial Intelligence, which extracted a 3D model from the two-dimensional data. This translation from paint to pixels to 3D model, and ultimately to a physical form, showcases the fascinating interplay between human creativity and AI interpretation.

The use of 3D printing as the medium for this sculpture symbolizes a new era where digital processes complement and extend the artist's capabilities, allowing for the realization of imaginative concepts that defy conventional artistic boundaries.

STELLAR SOJOURN invites viewers to contemplate a moment of quietude and balance in an otherwise unimaginable scenario. The iridescent fox, with its ethereal beauty and composed demeanor, represents nature's adaptability and enigmatic charm. The UFO, a quintessential icon of human curiosity and futuristic aspirations, embodies our ongoing fascination with the unknown and the possibilities that lie beyond our earthly confines.

Together, the fox and the UFO in STELLAR SOJOURN are more than just a meeting of two entities; they are a harmonious blend of fantasy and reality, urging us to imagine a universe where different worlds and beings coexist in peaceful accord, and where art transcends traditional mediums to explore the boundless potential of imagination and technology.